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Our Company Operates Through Development, Construction Management, & Property Management

Our Vision

A natural leader in community-centered storage solutions.

Our Mission

Community-minded storage solutions.

SAFStor, Inc. is a self-administered and self-managed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The company operates through three vertically-integrated segments: SAFStor Development, SAFStor Construction Management, and SAFStor Property Management.

The company will own, asset-manage, develop and redevelop single, and multi-story self-storage properties located in proximity to retail destinations or along major arteries in markets that meet SAFStor’s socioeconomic, demographic, and competitive criteria, which the company vets using its proprietary software.

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"The outlook for self-storage facilities in 2018 remains strong, as broader economic momentum supports household formation and consumption."

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Project Criteria

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Target Project Size

  • Single or multi-story construction
  • Between $7 million and $10 million with the understanding that the final cost of an individual property may exceed that amount

Unit Types

  • Primarily climate-controlled storage units, but may contain a small percentage of non-climate controlled units
  • Primarily non-drive-up units

Construction Types

  • Institutional-quality construction, such as masonry construction (block or tilt-up), higher-quality fascia (e.g., brick, stucco, etc.) ample glazing, decorative awnings, etc.

Property Size

  • Average property size between 70,000 gross square feet and 90,000 gross square feet with a target of 70% efficiency to 85% efficiency

Unit Mix

  • A mix of units ranging from 25 square feet up to 300 square feet, which may contain outdoor space for parking large vehicles


  • SAFStor’s principals bring over 50 years of in-depth real-estate experience, including having developed over $2 billion of mixed-use real estate since 2012
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