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At SAFStor, Inc., our dedication to improving the world around us starts with high-quality storage facilities, but it doesn’t end there. Through our Corporate Citizenship Strategy, we form community partnerships to support public safety and environmental sustainability, as well as lend helping hands to folks in need. These initiatives lay the foundation of our corporate stewardship. To learn more about the positive changes we make in our communities, please contact us.

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SAFStor, Inc. Cares

SAFStor, Inc. began with one goal in mind — to provide the highest quality storage facilities within the communities we serve. We wish we could say that corporate stewardship was on our mind from day one, but that would be disingenuous. Instead, we started SAFStor, Inc. the way many businesses begin — lining up the right assets, partnerships, and resources. Corporate stewardship and giving back would come later. Unbeknownst to us, that push would come far sooner than we expected, and we couldn’t be happier that it did.

The reason for that push was Texas. During our second project in a town outside of Dallas, there was significant dissention about developing a boring storage building. “Couldn’t the community demand a better use for this site?” the city’s elected officials asked.

Self-Storage Facilities Community Partnership For Soccer

Typically speaking, storage facilities aren’t very exciting. Sure, they’re low-impact, but they don’t exactly have a reputation for introducing vibrancy into a neighborhood. It wasn’t until we attended the final hearing that we realized how important it was to create more than just another building.

Self-Storage Facilities Community Partnership For Athletics

The city-elected officials in Texas were right — we needed to make SAFStor, Inc. a valuable addition to the community and a resource to our new neighbors. What could we do, besides the standard protocol of “increasing the tax base” to leave this community in a better condition than which it was found? What value could a storage facility bring to a town?

In the hours leading to the final hearing, we developed what has now become our Corporate Citizenship Strategy — a strategy which includes environmental sustainability, public safety, and genuine kindness to folks in need. The commissioners in Texas pushed us to think outside of the box and develop a company that both seeks to be a market leader in local storage and to be a partner to every community in which we have the privilege to work. We even changed our mission statement — SAFStor, Inc. exists to provide community-minded storage solutions. Visit one of our completed projects or ask our community partners about us. We hope that you will come to find that SAFStor, Inc. does more than provide space for things, we provide value to people.

Our Community Partnership Commitments

We Help Others

We set aside three units for families in need within each project. We work with local charities to identify families that have lost their home due to a natural disaster, the loss of a job or even because of a tough run of luck. These families are provided with free access to the units while they get back on their feet.

We Make Neighborhoods Safer  

We offer one space per project to local law enforcement to use as a police substation. This is a place where officers can take a break from patrol, grab a cup of coffee, fill out paperwork, and connect to WiFi. This provides a convenient respite for on-duty officers and it can also enhance the feeling of safety and security for individuals within the surrounding neighborhoods.

We Provide Spaces To Gather

The police substation within each project can also double as a small community meeting space.  We provide a table and a dozen chairs per substation for that purpose.

We Plant Trees

SAFStor, Inc. plants trees — upsized when possible — along adjacent pedestrian corridors and within project parking lots, whether or not tree additions are required by ordinance.

We Are Water-Wise

Our landscape installations are designed to require water only during the establishment period.

We Use Low-Impact Design Practices

This may include low-flow toilets, LED lighting, low-E glass and low-maintenance materials. Additionally, we reduce the availability of parking facilities and drive aisles to minimize urban heat island effects.

We Build Community Facilities

When possible, we incorporate neighborhood amenities in our projects. For instance, in one community we used a portion of excess land to build a soccer field, complete with goals and fencing to keep errant balls out of the road.

We Design Beautiful Buildings

Although we love our modern approach to architecture, we are sensitive to local aesthetics. We adapt our design to local community preferences when requested.

We Mix It Up

In high-traffic locations, we incorporate ground-floor retail spaces to cultivate mixed-use developments.

We Use Local Labor

Each contractor we work with is required to publish notice in local newspapers, which announces our projects and invites local subcontractors to a community meeting to learn more about SAFStor, Inc. We provide local subcontractors with the opportunity to submit bids for each job prior to buyout, so long as they meet the requirements for their respective trades.

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Meet Our Local Partners

SAFStor, Inc. is proud to work with dedicated partners who share our goal of improving the communities we serve.