Initial Concept

From sketch to final product, the weight of the initial concept isn't overlooked. With four prototypes to work from, SAFStor, Inc. structures share characteristics while fusing into the surrounding neighborhood. Our goal is to create a dynamic structure that not only serves its main purpose of self-storage but embodies a timeless style for years to come.

SAFStor. Room for you. Room for your community.


SAFStor Options 1 and 2SAFStor Options 3 and 4

Prototypes & Design Options

Pulling elements from our two prototypes, including combinations of stone; corrugated, textured, or perforated metal; and cement, each design is highly customizable. The result is a modern and aesthetically pleasing building.

Prototype and Design Options

Full Color Prerender

The only visualizing our clients need to do during the design stage is picture how many customers will regularly use the space. A full color prerender allows our architects and designers to present a concept that needs fewer adjustments and allows physical construction to begin sooner.

SAFStor Full Color Prerender